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Will Vaping Devalue my Rental Property?

Traditional smoking, in general, has an immensely negative effect in both indoor and outdoor environments. Vape, on the other hand, is known to be the Market leaders alternative for cigarette smoking. It is made out of different chemical components than that of a cigarette and is said to have lesser drawback compared to the latter.

But, does it make a massive difference in terms of indoor infrastructure aftermaths? Well, let us tackle the advantages and disadvantages of allowing indoor vaping. That way, property owners, realtors, landlords/landladies can rightfully decide whether to authorize vape smoking. Let us start with the benefits.

According to statistics, in the US alone, there are over 41 million adults who vape. That being said, you have a high selling point, especially for people who have a lifestyle like this. These individuals are most likely going to choose places and properties where they can do what they want. However, aside from making the place more marketable, expect to experience some of this disadvantages as well:

・ Odor

Smoking, even if it is done electronically, can still leave odor inside the property. You can’t underestimate the penetrating smell of e-smokes. It can be lessened by opening windows or doors, but it will not be eliminated entirely. Also, getting rid of the odor costs more than you thought it would.

・ Residue

Smokes from vape and cigar do stain on walls, carpets, curtains, wallpapers, and even in cushions. The stains and residues may not be visible in a swift; it gradually will in the longer run. The regularity of vape smoking indoors will affect residue accumulation.

・ Health Concerns

Smoking, regardless of what kind, will bring a disadvantage in terms of health. This will risk not only your life but also other tenants’. Second and third-hand smoking is in the list of leading reasons why people develop chronic diseases.

・ Profit loss

Although it was mentioned above that smoking int the premise makes the property more marketable; a problem may also appear from it. Of course, it will be hard to rent the space to non-smokers. Whether you like it or not, knowing that an e-smoker once rented a place or that a smoker is also around the premise would lead future occupants thinking of health threats.

・ Cost

This drawback is a long-term disadvantage of authorizing boarders to smoke inside the property. You see, when the residue accumulated inside the premise is already high, it could lead to a total renovation. Sometimes, it will require owners to change and fix everything from the drywalls straight to furniture, and the cost is not a joke at all.

Final Word

From the enumerated advantage and disadvantage, you can already sum up whether or not vaping can devalue your property. As an owner, you are entitled to decide based on the well-being of your business and property. If you think that smoking will ruin and cause massive damages in the premise, set our rules accordingly.

You are allowed to set your own rules. You can ban smoking if you like. You even have the choice to kick out tenants if they disobey the rules you have stipulated. Banning this kind of activity does not mean you are a bad landlord.

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