Now that you have processed your immigration papers or finalized your decision to move to Calgary, the next thing to think about is settling in.

As an immigrant, here are a few things you can expect upon moving to Calgary:

Friendly City with Friendly People

Being a beautiful city of its own, Calgary has been noticeably active in terms of lifestyle and work-life balance. However, it is more than just the social activities everyone enjoys in this place. It is the vibrancy of Calgary that makes people move towards realizing their desires and goals in life.

Pet-Friendly City

Calgary has been totally friendly to animal lovers, and the city’s government has made parks accessible to pets, with all amenities pet lovers and their furry friends would love during their afternoon strolls. They have over 150 off-leash areas around the city, covering up a total area of more than 1,250 hectares.

Immigration Support Organizations

For those who continue to struggle during their stay in Calgary, dedicated support organizations have been set up to help you integrate yourself into Calgary’s city life.

Organizations like the Immigration Office, Directions for Immigration at Bow Valley College, and the Calgary Catholic Immigration society offer their assistance to all new and current immigrants who have been trying to settle down and find jobs, learn skills, or enroll themselves in colleges and universities.

Calgary’s Skills Assessment Programs

You don’t have to sacrifice your career goals in order to live a better life in Calgary. There are programs in the city that can help you get the career you want with the necessary skills, or direct you to a job that suits the skills you are already good at.

Some of the skills assessment tests offered in Calgary include the International Qualifications Assessment Service (IQAS) and the online Self-Assessment Test by the Government of Alberta.