CBD and Traveling

Are You Allowed to Carry CBD Products While Travelling?

You can find Canadian CBD oil everywhere—in coffee, lotions, bath bombs, and pet treats. It’s a topic of interest in the health industry. However, many travellers are unsure of its legality, especially when travelling internationally by plane.

The best CBD oil is a cannabinoid extracted from hemp and cannabis. The oil does not come from marijuana but from a hemp plant, containing below 0.3 percent of tetrahydrocannabinol.

THC is an intoxicating compound that can make a person “high.” Nevertheless, low amounts of THC cannot produce psychoactive side effects.

CBD on Domestic Travel

Cannabidiol oil obtained from hemp is legal according to the “2018 Farm Bill”. Therefore, you can take CBD oil when travelling domestically. However, travelling with CBD oil procured from marijuana may be an issue since it is still not legal in all states.

The two kinds of CBD oil are different based on their THC levels. To know the difference, read the label of the product. CBD oil from hemp only has a low percentage of THC, no more than 0.3 percent.

According to the Transportation Security Administration, some cannabis-derived and marijuana products and some CBD oils remain unauthorized under federal regulations unless they contain below 0.3 percent THC.

Take extra caution by being aware of state laws, the state where you are from, and your state of destination.

As a suggestion, print your product’s laboratory report and show it to authorities when necessary. If you use CBD oil as medicine, keep your prescription ready for inquiring officials.

Travelling Outside the US With CBD

International laws differ from country to country, so you must research the regulations of where you are heading. Despite that, professionals strongly recommend leaving any cannabinoid product home because some countries may have stricter laws.

If you are going on a cruise trip, remember that cruise lines may ban cannabinoid products. So, it is wise to contact your cruise line beforehand. Cruise ships have security scanners, so you can’t get away with CBD products.

Tips for Buying CBD Oil

Tips for Buying CBD Oil

For travellers, there are four things to remember when looking for CBD oil that is fit for travelling:

  • It should come from strains of cannabis or hemp.
  • It must be tested for its potency and purity (Certificate of Analysis).
  • It must be organic.
  • It comes from a whole plant.

Travel Tips

There are several different ways to consume cannabinoid products. For oils, liquids, lotions, gels, and edibles, you must follow the TSA rules or 3-1-1 rules. You must not hide cannabinoid products because you will still go through a search.

TSA regulations allow you to bring vaping and electronic devices in your bag. On the other hand, they are not permitted in checked bags.

As a traveller, you must know all state and federal regulations concerning cannabinoid products to avoid issues and delays in your travel. There is no harm in doing some research.

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