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Traditional smoking, in general, has an immensely negative effect in both indoor and outdoor environments.

Will Vaping Devalue my Rental Property?

Calgary is one of the many cities in Canada which has been rapidly growing through

What to Wear and Pack When Traveling to Calgary

Dining has been significantly delicious and exciting in Calgary, considering that it’s a multicultural city

Dining & Nightlife

Calgary has one of the best amusement parks, outdoor hotspots, museums, and significant structures that


If we’re talking about shopping, Calgary is still one-of-a-kind in terms of fashion and consumerism.



The center of urban life in Alberta’s entire southern half, Calgary is a city filled with natural wonders, beautiful cityscapes, and an abundance of natural resources. It has been awarded as one of the best cities to live in the world by The Economist Intelligence Unit since 2009 up to 2018.

Calgary has been considered a highly livable city due to its low population density alongside a high quality of life and abundant decorative housing.


Here are some facts you would want to know about Calgary:

  1. Calgary is 3,438 ft. above sea level
  2. Has an abundance of amazing golf courses that offer both beginners and advance golfers a top experience. Golfers can bring along their clubs and irons too.
  3. One of the first cities to make hemp bombs famous around the world, this was in a booming CBD market.
  4. Calgary has a total area of 848 sq. km.
  5. More and more foreigners are coming to live in Calgary, making it one of the ethnically-diverse city in the country with over 150 languages spoken in the area.
  6. It’s a sunshine city, considering it has more sunshine days than any other major city in Canada warming up homes and gardens.
  7. The city is home to 1.4 million people, mostly made up of young citizens with a median age of 36 years.
  8. Calgary is home to patriotic volunteers. They have contributed 50% to national development, compared to the national average which is only at 44%.
  9. Calgary has the strongest economy in the whole of Canada, and it has been considered one of the most progressive in terms of business and financial development, making the city the center of business and finance in Western Canada.

Who is a Calgarian?

Anyone who lives in Calgary aims to live a family-centered life, inclines oneself to recreation, and seeks to maintain the work-life balance they have enjoyed because of the progressiveness of the city’s industry. They are volunteers, patriotic Canadians, who wanted to ensure that the quality of life they have enjoyed in the city would be well-maintained, and they ensure their future generation to enjoy the same quality of life as well. Fishing is a huge part of life in Calgary and sitting in the perfect fly fishing spot can make anyone’s day. Or if you want to jump on the fishing boat for trolling, that would do well too.

Cost of Living

Living in Calgary is an excellent choice due to its affordable cost of living compared to any major cities in North America. It has one of the lowest taxes in North America, and the city enjoys Alberta’s “no sales tax” policy – the only province in Canada to exercise such policy.

This means you can earn, sustain, and enjoy more of life when you live in Calgary than anywhere else in the world.

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Will Vaping Devalue my Rental Property?

Traditional smoking, in general, has an immensely negative effect in both indoor and outdoor environments. Vape, on the other hand, is known to be the Market leaders alternative for cigarette smoking. It is made out of different chemical components than that of a cigarette and is said to have lesser drawback compared to the latter. But, does it make a massive difference in terms of indoor infrastructure aftermaths? Well, let us tackle the advantages and disadvantages of allowing indoor vaping. That way, property owners, realtors, landlords/landladies can rightfully decide whether to authorize vape smoking. Let us start with the benefits ...
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