What You Should Know About the Rules and Regulations Regarding Vaping in Calgary

Vaping has emerged as a popular alternative to traditional smoking in recent years. This rising popularity has led to a surge in the use of e-cigarettes and related products. However, as with any substance that has public health implications, its usage is governed by specific rules and regulations, particularly in cities like Calgary. Emixologies.com are […]


Is the Use of SARMs Allowed in the City of Calgary?

Selective Androgen Receptor Modulators (SARMs) have gained significant attention for their potential to enhance muscle development and athletic performance. Compounds like these continue to capture the interest of individuals in pursuit of their fitness goals, and it’s important to understand the rules and regulations governing their use in Calgary, a dynamic city in Alberta, Canada. […]

CBD and Traveling

Are You Allowed to Carry CBD Products While Travelling?

You can find Canadian CBD oil everywhere—in coffee, lotions, bath bombs, and pet treats. It’s a topic of interest in the health industry. However, many travellers are unsure of its legality, especially when travelling internationally by plane. The best CBD oil is a cannabinoid extracted from hemp and cannabis. The oil does not come from […]