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Annual Report

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Delivering Results for Canadians

Evidence, Engagement, Impact is the theme for Delivering Results for Canadians​​, CCSA’s annual report for 2015–2016. This clear, three-step process has been the bedrock of our approach to addressing problematic substance use in Canada since our founding, more than 25 years ago. It continues to deliver results today. ​​

This year’s annual report is a deeper look at how CCSA conceives and produces evidence, engages partners and stakeholders, and delivers impact for all Canadians affected by problematic substance use.

Evidence: While the issues around problematic substance use are complex, emotionally charged and polarizing, we offer the objective, scientific facts to inform decisions.

Engagement: Engagement is about putting the right information in the right hands to achieve collective results. Last year, we continued to bring together practitioners, stakeholders and policy makers from across Canada to share — and take collective action on — the latest insights into problematic substance use.

Impact: When it comes to addressing problematic substance use, impact takes many forms: more access to effective practices, quality treatment and supports; less burden on the healthcare system; more effective strategies for preventing harms; and, most importantly, lives directly saved by mobilizing vital knowledge where and when it’s needed most.

While this report highlights CCSA’s work over the past year to address problematic substance use in Canada, it is also an important call to action for the future, as articulated by Rita Notarandrea, Chief Executive Officer: ​

​Our vision is to ensure that those suffering with substance use disorders receive the care they need; to elevate awareness ab​​out the science that surrounds these disorders so as to change perception about them; and to keep problematic substance use and addiction on the national agenda. 

Delivering Results for Canadians


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